This is what you should do if your car breaks down in the middle of the road!

This is what you should do if your car breaks down in the middle of the road!

There are chances that you may face a car break down in the middle of the road. This is very common if your vehicle is not in good condition. The break down can be experienced by anyone and at any time. You need to act accordingly and instantly.

Acting fast is important so that you don’t suffer for hours. At the same time, acting instantly is also important for the safety of your vehicle and other drivers. The moment you face this issue the first thing that you need to do is to try and reach a safe parking point for your vehicle.

Steps to take when facing mid-road vehicle break downs:

  1. Get off the road: The first step is to try and look around for a safe parking spot that is at the side of the road. This is important if your vehicle breaks down on a busy highway or street. Reach the left or right side of the road, whichever is safe for parking your vehicle. The moment you are performing this task, it is important for you to follow basic traffic rules, so you and your vehicle is safe.

  2. Coast your vehicle safely: When facing this issue, it is important to coast your vehicle to a safe point. Avoid standing in the middle of the busy road and make phone calls to your mechanic or for help. When towing your car try and pay attention to the ongoing traffic from front and backside.

  3. Avoid getting out if not possible: The moment you are stuck in the middle of the busy road, then it is advisable to get out of the car if only it is safe. If not safe then this has to be avoided. Even if the engine is not working still try and maintain road safety rules. If the highway is a speedway, then there is no point in risking your life. Avoid opting for suicidal attempts and stay comfortably in the car till possible.

  4. Wait for help to arrive: If you are stuck on a busy highway, then there are chances that patrol vehicles might be nearby. It is ideal to wait for patrol vehicles to arrive for your help. A patrol officer will be the right person who can offer you emergency help under this condition. You can also search for “Mechanic Mandurah or other professionals who can help you out.

  5. Secure your vehicle: The next step is to try and send out a notification for other drivers passing by your vehicle. This can be done by hanging a red or white cloth outside the driver seat window. A paper alert can also be the best notification for other drivers. This will ensure that you don’t face any other issues related to your break down.

  6. Call help immediately: You have to keep in mind that you are stuck on a busy highway or street. This means that you have to try and reach for help as soon as possible. If you carry your cell phone then try and get in touch with your best mechanic or a patrol service. If you don’t have the phone then try and reach for local public call station that is just nearby to your location. In case you don’t have access then you can only wait for help to arrive you naturally.

  7. Avoid being hit: Another most important things that you need to keep in mind is that you should try and avoid being hit by other vehicles. All other vehicles around you are already moving at very high speeds. So try and maintain your best level of safety. Avoid getting out of the car very often to look around for help on your own. If outside, then ensure that you only stand at the rear side of your vehicle.

  8. Use warning lights: If you are stuck during night time, then it is always advisable to carry emergency lights with you. If you have access to one then try and make the best use of them. Place the emergency light at the right spot from where they are visible to passing by drivers. This will send a signal that your car is parked at that spot.

Always ensure that all possible precautions are taken by you to avoid accident or further damage.

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