Know the Myths about Common Starter Motor Faults!

Know the Myths about Common Starter Motor Faults!

Now, a vehicle’s starting system is quite a complex thing to understand. Though there are multiple main components of the system, there’s one component that stands out. This is known as the starter motor or the alternator. This is basically a motor that’s driven electrically and helps to create the required compression to start the car. If the starter fails, the engine wouldn’t be able to start, and your car wouldn’t move an inch. Starter motors come in different shapes and sizes, and each vehicle comes equipped with one. Modern cars have the convenience of being equipped with starter motors which do the hard work of getting the car started.

However, problems with starter motors could escalate quite quickly. They lead to complete failure of the system, and you are stranded with your car as and where you were. The starter motor consists of three components, a starter, a starter solenoid and a battery. Anything goes wrong with any of the components will make the entire system fail, which will consequently lead to your vehicle not coming to life. We know how frustrating it can be when you jump into a vehicle and it just doesn’t start. That’s when you realize something is wrong with your starter motor and need to go to a mechanic for the starter motor repairs. In Perth, The Car Doctor with their team of expert assistance is right by you and your car’s side. They ensure to understand your vehicle’s needs and repair your car’s starter motor (and any other problem for that matter) in no time.

Busting myths about common starter motor faults:

Now, generally, people have very constrained knowledge about the workings of their car engines and starter motors, which doesn’t help much. Usually, people jump to conclusions and automatically assume that it’s the fault of the starter motor. Only when they take it to a professional mechanic in Baldivis that they get to know if there’s a more serious issue. It’s very important to know the exact cause of your car failure so that you can get it repaired and back on the road in no time. So, here are the following starter motor fault myths which go around, and need to be addressed ASAP:

  • Myth 1: When you turn the ignition key and the engine fails to start, you go on to assume that the starter motor has burnt out. But, the real reason may be that the battery has run down. This misconception and continued attempts to start the engine will eventually burn out the motor, and you will need to go for car repairs in Mandurah.
  • Myth 2: Another myth of a starter motor failure is when the starter goes on running along with the running engine. You could observe signs like a whining noise or a burning smell. This is again misdiagnosed as a motor starter failure, but it’s actually because of a sticking key switch or relay.
  • Myth 3: Now, there are times when the starter motor clicks when the ignition key is turned, but the engine doesn’t start. The starter motor is automatically thought to be faulty and is replaced. But the main culprit may be a bad battery or a bad ground connection or a poor connection to the battery.
  • Myth 4: The modern starter motors are quite complex and delicate components. There’s a common belief that while attempting to start the vehicle, in case of a jammed starter motor, a single tap will make it start working. This is certainly not what’s true and the reason for this failure might be a low system voltage.

So, these were some of the commonly believed myths regarding starter motor faults. These myths imply that people automatically assume that the problem is in their starter motors, while the reality is something else. This could, in turn, cause even more damage to your vehicle, as you go for repairs or replacements which weren’t necessary at all. It also makes you overlook where the real problem lies.

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