Know the importance of a logbook car service!

Know the importance of a logbook car service!

Have you recently bought a new car? Then chances are that you have heard the term “logbook servicing” for quite a number of times now. But, what does it actually mean? A logbook service basically means a thorough checking or servicing of your car as per the specifications and instructions of your car manufacturer. The car logbook helps to guide the car owners regarding the certain mechanical parts of the car which need to be looked into at specific time intervals. If you are an owner who maintains a proper logbook servicing of your car, it implies that your car is in perfect condition and its warranty is protected.

So, basically, if your car is under the warranty period, you would need to maintain the logbook servicing and keep a record of it in the logbook itself. The benefits of maintaining a logbook is multiple in numbers, one of the most important ones being saving you some serious money on the vehicle’s repairs in the long term. Every new car owner has to book in for a logbook servicing on time, every time. If he/she fails to do so, and violate the services outlined in the logbook, you will be violating your car’s warranty. So, it’s a must that you maintain a proper car service logbook with The Car Doctor who will make sure to carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle. They will fulfil the long list of services at the most affordable rates leaving you happy and satisfied.

Benefits of a logbook car service:

If you are a resident of Kwinana, you need to make sure that your logbook car servicing has to be done exclusively by a licensed mechanic in Kwinana. All the information regarding the timing and the content of the various services has already been mentioned in the logbook itself by the car’s manufacturer. These services include both major and minor ones, and the requirements and procedure of each of these services have to be followed by the mechanic as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Besides protecting the car’s warranty and ensuring its best possible condition, there are many other benefits of going for car logbook servicing:

  • Warranty claim: If any mishap occurs, irrespective of whether it’s your fault or not, if you want to claim the repairs under your warranty, you will need to prove that you have properly maintained your car’s logbook servicing. If you fail to do so, the manufacturer or the dealer will refuse to pay for the repairs and make your warranty null and void. So, you not only have to perform your logbook servicing at the specified intervals, but you will also have to get it done by a licensed professional. Along with this, the parts if and when replaced need to be genuine and authentic. This is how a car logbook servicing will save you money in the long run.
  • Best resell price: Needless to say, when you sell your car, few years down the line, you shall get the best possible price only if your car has been well maintained. The best way you can prove this to the buyer is by showing them your logbook. Each time you complete having done a logbook service, for example maintaining your brake rotors, your Perth based mechanic stamps your logbook, leaving behind proof that you have taken good care of your car.
  • Cut down repair costs: Whether or not your car is under warranty, regular servicing helps to extend the life of your car and cut down on its repair costs in the future. We can say with utmost surety that maintenance costs much lesser than repair, any day. So, logbook servicing helps to keep your car in perfect condition leading to fewer or no costs on repairs and replacements in the future.

So, these were some of the main advantages that a well-maintained car logbook has on the car owners. These are the ways logbook servicing helps to put more money in your pocket and lead a stress-free life with your car.

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