How to Keep Your Car Radiator Healthy and Happy!

How to Keep Your Car Radiator Healthy and Happy!

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of taking care of it, even long after the EMIs are paid off. So, you need to invest your time and money regularly, and make sure that the oil is getting changed, the fluids replenished, as well as the tires pumped up. Keeping up the frequent maintenance of your vehicle is much more sensible than to wait till you are welcomed (read threatened) by costly repairs down the road. There are many different components of any vehicle, and each one of them plays their respective important role. One such aspect of preventive maintenance is all about radiator upkeep. Understanding what the radiator is, how it works, and a few other basic tips could help you save a lot of money and stress in the future.

The radiator is one key component of any vehicle’s cooling system. This system helps to avoid the car engine from getting overheated, which consequently prevents the internal parts from melting, melding together and thus causing your car irreversible damage. It’s not a lie if we say that your radiator is responsible for saving your car from a total engine failure. They help to regulate the temperature of the engine, as well as keep it functional on frosty cold nights. If you want to keep your car running alright, you need to ensure that the radiator is all happy and healthy. You obviously don’t want your radiator to fall into disrepair, and so you should always go for efficient Perth based radiator services. The Car Doctor is your friend in need when you are having trouble with your car radiator. They have a team of highly qualified mechanics who diagnose and rectify the problem in a jiffy.

Basic tips for radiator maintenance:

When your radiator doesn’t do its job properly and your car overheats, then bad things happen to your car, leading to bank breaking repair expenses. Without a properly functioning coolant system, your engine will fail, and you will have to run to a mechanic in Perth. When it’s too hot outside, your radiator helps the engine to not get heated up; and when it’s too cold, it prevents it from getting frozen. So, now that you realize how important a radiator is, let’s tell you the few things you can do as a car owner to keep it running well:

  • Radiator cap: The radiator cap controls the pressurization in the radiator. You need to make sure that the cap is on really tight. But, be cautious when touching the cap. When the engine has been on for some time, the cap will be quite hot. It will also have much pressure under it. So, be careful.
  • Coolant levels: You need to have your coolant levels up at all times. You should check out every now and then to ensure that the level of the antifreeze/coolant is always maintained at the required volume. For that, you could always purchase a 50-50 water-coolant mix or make it yourself.
  • Keep it clean: As a part of your regular car cleaning and maintenance schedule, you should make sure to clean out your radiator couple a times a year. To save on time, do it while you take your car to your regular mechanic in Street Harbour for a tire rotation or an oil change.
  • Flush and fill: And finally, every year, at least once, you should have your radiator flushed and filled. This will help the car to perform its optimum. Also, if your car is driven pretty heavily throughout the year, you may need additional flushes.

The bottom line is, for any responsible vehicle owner, radiator maintenance should be of utmost priority. If it’s something you are not too sure about doing yourself, you can always contact an efficient local mechanic.

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