Common car radiator issues that can turn into a headache!

Common car radiator issues that can turn into a headache!

A car in an excellent working condition is everyone’s dream! We all desire a vehicle that never fails and never throws upon us. But little do we know how it can react if we don’t show it some love! A perfect car cannot be possible if we don’t care for it regularly. A proper care and regular servicing are what our car demands to run smoothly without hiccups.

Basically, a car asks for servicing every six months or 12000 miles. But if there are problems sneaking in, it’s better not to delay it for long and go for a thorough check-up (including clutch or Brake Repairs in Perth). And if the damage is in its tyres, it’s always wise to get them replaced entirely. Then there are also radiators in your car. These are normally called the heart of a car, for it saves the car from getting overheated!

Some radiator problems that can trouble you if unattended:

A car radiator is an essential component of your engine’s cooling system. If this has stopped working due to any negligence or damage, you would find smoke coming out of your bonnet. This is because of the overheating of the engine. This signals that it’s time to go for Radiator Repairs in Perth. The Car Doctor makes sure your car radiators are serviced properly and repaired through their expertise and experience. They are also equally equipped to handle any other issue that your car may be facing.

So, what could be some serious factors affecting the radiator of your car? Let’s take a look at them:

  • Thermostat failure — A thermostat in a car is a layer between the engine and the radiator. This prevents the flow of the coolant when it senses that the engine has been heated to its perfect temperature. After which, it starts opening up to allow the coolant to flow back to the engine in a circular motion. But once it’s broken, the air won’t be circulating through the radiator and the engine. This can cause the engine to heat up really fast and may damage it soon. There’s also a small valve connected to the thermostat. If this gets stuck or damaged, you’ll see that the engine takes a longer time to heat up. This can lead to lots of fuel consumption by the car.
  • Leakage in radiator hoses — The coolant in a car moves from the radiator to the engine and vice versa in a circular motion with the help of rubber hoses that connect these two parts together. The problem with these is that they are very vulnerable and subject to wear and tear. If their lifespan is over, they show signs of brittleness, leaks, cracks and degeneration. Also, it’s connectors (which are made up of metal and iron) rust and breaks with the continuous use, and can give up easily too. You have to replace it entirely for the coolant to pass along the whole system efficiently and for the proper working of the car. The good news is that this wouldn’t burden your pockets much, as it is as easy as changing your tyres. Just fresh rubber hoses and its connectors are needed — and even you can do the job easily. (but we recommend going for an expert if you have no experience or knowledge in the area)
  • Radiator leaks — The whole system of cooling off the car engine takes place through the radiator. It passes the liquid coolant through its pipe towards the exhaust fan located over it and hence the procedure goes on. If there’s a leakage in any part of the radiator (which is very difficult to find out), again the car is going to face issues in starting up. This may happen because of using distilled coolants which may rust its part and also due to metal corrosion. It’s economical and totally OK to just repair the leaked part of the radiator. And if you can’t find it, you’ll have to replace the whole radiator in its entirety.

These are some really unignorable radiator problems that can deteriorate your car’s well-being significantly if you don’t get them repaired on time. Apart from these, there can be an obstruction in the cooling system due to blockage or presence of air in the coolant, water pump or radiator fan failure etc. It’s always better to be aware of these issues and their solutions if you want your car to live longer and better!

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