5 signs your car is in dire need of brake repairs!

5 signs your car is in dire need of brake repairs!

Similar to how your ankle bone is dependent and connected to your foot bone, your brake system is also dependent on each of the connected brake parts to do their respective jobs properly. And when all the brake parts work together, they perform one important, critical function, i.e., control the safe and precise stopping power of a vehicle. You want a brief idea of how all of it works? Basically, you press down the brake pedal, which delivers brake liquid to the callipers. This engages the brake pads, which then apply pressure to the rotors. This pressure gives way to the friction which is required to make the car come to a halt. So, you see how all of it is connected.

So, now that you realize how important the brake rotor system is for the car and the safety of the driver, you also realize how important it is to identify the signs of a malfunctioning brake before it leads to an accident. Identifying potential brake problems before they turn serious is the key to cost-efficient repairs and safety. Being able to recognize the symptoms of brake failure shall help you avoid costly repairs of your brake rotors. In Perth, The Car Doctor knows the importance of a well-functioning brake system and helps you maintain just that. They excel at repairing your vehicle’s brakes and have a team of repair specialists with years of experience and knowledge.

Tell-tale signs of an impending brake failure:

Now, when it comes to safety while driving, brakes are your best friend. It’s very crucial to identify the signs of a failing brake and get them repaired by a centre for auto service in Rockingham immediately so as to prevent hazardous accidents. A proper brake system could be the clear difference between a life-losing accident and driving away without a scratch. So, here are the following signs that imply that your brake needs repair:

  1. Squealing brakes: Your brakes squeal or screech to let you know that the brake pads are getting low. A shrill noise is created which stops as soon as you apply the brakes. This is one of the primary signs of brake failure. Take your car to the nearest efficient mechanic to get it repaired because as long as your car is under warranty, you will have to follow the schedule mentioned in the car service log book.
  2. Vibrations: Another sign of a brake failure is if your car starts to vibrate or shake whenever you apply the brakes. This may be due to warped rotors which will significantly reduce the efficiency of your car’s brake system.
  3. Howling noise: Imagine you apply the brakes, and you are greeted with a howling or a grinding noise. This takes place if you have little or no brake pads left, leading to metal grinding on metal. In such cases, you will need to replace your rotors and pads to restore your braking system to its original state.
  4. Soft brake pedal: If you have to put in more effort or have to push it much more in order to obtain the desired response, it maybe because your car pads are worn down. But, in other cases, it could be a serious brake issue such as low brake fluid or presence of air in the brake lines.
  5. Car pulls to one side: And finally, the last of the signs that you could observe is when your car pulls or swerves to one side of the road on applying the brakes. This may be due to a broken brake hose, impurities in the brake fluid, or uneven wear and tear to the brake pads. You will then need to take your car to a local mechanic right away.

So, these were the clear visible signs that you should be on the lookout for in case of a brake failure. Break failures shouldn’t be delayed, but fixed immediately. The sooner you get them repaired, the better it is for you and all others sitting in your car.

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